Frequently Asked Questions

How does "straight pull bolt action" work? 

- A straight pull bolt action is mechanically similar to a traditional bolt action. The bolt head rotates to lock into the breech, then rotates back to unlock. However, unlike a traditional bolt action, there is no need to rotate the bolt handle manually. The user simply pulls the carrier handle to the rear to open the action, then pushes the carrier handle forward to lock the bolt back into position.

Is there some kind of spring to close the bolt?

- No. Like any other bolt action (or pump action,) you pull the bolt back to eject, and push it forward to chamber a round.

Do you offer a right side bolt handle?

- Not at this time. The left side handle is intended for a right handed user's support hand.

Isn't a 6" barrel pretty worthless?

- Not at all. Depending on the load used, a 6" barrel can get any subsonic bullet up to the speed of sound, as well as pushing 110gr loads at 2,000 fps.

If I'm using the buffer hole plug, what holds in my rear detent spring?

- You have two options. You can use a normal receiver end plate like you would normally install under your castle nut.  Alternatively, you can use a 4-40 tap to thread the back of the hole for a set screw, then shorten your detent spring about 1/8". Because of the popularity of this modification, some lowers are now manufactured with this hole pre-threaded.